Proyecto Carrito

When The Student Receives an “A” and The Worker Gets Fired:
Disrupting the Unequal Political Economy of Translingual Rhetorical Mobility

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Who are we?

We are students. We are writers. We are undergraduates and janitors writing together in a translingual class at Emerson College in Boston. We undergraduates are Latin@s, Latin Americans, estadounidenses, Asians and Europeans. We janitors are immigrants from Latin America who came to the United States because we were forced to flee our home countries due to poverty and war.

What is Proyecto Carrito?

So many of our stories are about crossing or being blocked by borders. Together, we write to overcome obstructions to our college workers’ rhetorical mobility. Our writing is also an act of desegregation: we join undergraduate learning with our college’s own community members. We create translingual rhetorical situations and networks that build campus conditions to support writing across borders of various kinds. We curated our car-text from 500 written-word pages, photographs and videos we have produced together over three years. This car-text publishes our evolving identities as writers in the context of U.S. immigration policy and our dreams for a more inclusive and global 21st-century education.

Why do we do it?

We want to engage with diverse audiences in a question.
What is possible among audiences and writers when translingual-community writing projects blur institutional borders between immigrant workers and students?

2014 Schedule

Paris Feb 19-22 International Conference on Writing Research l’Université Paris-Ouest – Nanterre La Défense

Indianapolis March 19-23 National Conference on College Composition and Communication
Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Boston April 23 4th Annual First Year Writing Program Showcase Emerson College

San Antonio May 24-26 16th Annual Biennial Rhetoric Society of America Conference “Border Rhetorics”

Durham May-June Duke University

Medellín July 15 Aula Internacional: espacio cultural independiente

Tijuana / San Diego Border Summer

Project Directors

Tamera Marko
Eric Sepenoski
Ryan Catalani
Bianca J. Padró Ocasio
Mary Kovaleski
Mario Ernesto Osorio

Sponsored by

Emerson College
First Year Writing Program
Office of Diversity & Inclusion
Office of Service Learning & Community Action

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